What was your biggest failure in the classroom?

My biggest failure was not taking advantages of, not just what was offered, but even the basics.

First, the good news. I excelled at extracurricular activities. I was in every sport, choir, band (literally squeaked my way through), theater. You name it; I was in it.

Now, my failure. I really did not apply myself. I completed all my assignments, studied (more or less) for tests, etc. But, not only did I not go the extra mile, I didn't go the extra step.

My failure gets worse in college. My high school grades were just good enough, so I was accepted. But, I haven't returned to my alma mater since I graduated decades ago. There's a reason. I'm too embarrassed. I excelled at having fun and that was it. I did graduate, but I won't publicize my GPA.

In my 30's, I applied and was accepted to graduate school. By that time, I was more mature and settled. I did well. I could return, without shame, if I so wish. I just don't wish to.

I wish that I had taken high school a little more seriously academically. I got great grades in those subjects that interested me such as physics, music, English, and just barely passed History (funny, I now teach it but make sure it is fun and interesting. . . mine was a snooze fest) and math. I regularly skipped. I could sign my mom's name so well that even she didn't know the difference so I never got in trouble. I wish I had been held accountable by the school or my mom as I wasn't mature enough to understand the importance of just being there, much less the time in the classroom.

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