What was your biggest shock going to america?

I have a few but I'll narrow it down to...3

  1. my biggest most noticeable shock was the extremely fatty and sugar filled food. At the moment I'm thinking specifically of American lemonade which was just awful (sorry guys). I'm a lover of cloudy lemonade in Europe so imagine my surprise when I had some ‘lemonade' (a better name would be lemon juice plus loads of sugar). For those Europeans who have never had proper American lemonade it's like drinking lemon squash with no water straight from the bottle. I had enough manners to make it seem as though I liked it and toughed it out taking a small sip every minute or so until just downing the whole glass with my meal. Only to be offered a second glass :(.
  2. Guns. I was sure I wouldn't see any. The only places I visited were; Disneyland, universal studios, a water park and some local stores. Sure enough there were quite literally people sitting on their porches with shotguns! I kid you not! And of course the airport security with M4s (though I can understand that).
  3. Rudeness. Sorry guys I know most Americans aren't rude but a rude American is infinitely more rude than a rude European. Let's just look at two examples
  • We were in a mall and there was a little stand thing where a guy was selling stuff. Now we later found out he's not allowed to follow people who don't want to buy his stuff. So he asked we said no. He followed us around asking that we buy stuff. Eventually a guard comes over when one of us shouts at this guy

"What's up guys? Everything cool?"

"No this man has been following us around asking us to buy his stuff and we told him no! Can you please ask him to leave us alone?"

"Well I like to consider myself a capitalist but...buddy give them a break huh?"

"Nah man I know my rights this is a free country! This is america!"

To which about 8 people in earshot start clapping! Sure patriots but imagine it for us. Anyway the guard decides there was nothing he could do what with the mall representing American freedom and all.

  • Story number 2. I was staying in a small motel with my parents, brother and sisters. Lucky me I got my own room. Now when you're a 15 year old boy who's seen the movie psycho more times than you can count, you're in the city where scarface was set and you know your neighbor to be armed with a magnum, this can be a tad creepy. Anyway, it must have been around 1am I hear loud voices in the room below. I hear the door slam open, go out and see two guys having a fight. They're pretty loud so some other guests come out too to take a peak. Anyway this guy is just beating the crap out of this smaller guy when someone tries to break it up. The guy winning pushed him off and actually shouted the words "you don't know me man! You don't know what happened to me in Iraq! This guy thinks he knows better than me why we were over there!". The guy trying to break up the fight actually stops, looks down and the beaten up guy and said "you shoulda known better than to disrespect an American veteran". A few people watching cheer him on saying "damn right!". Eventually a couple bigger guys come over and drag the supposed vet off the bloodied guy and went off with him, I assume to take him to hospital. I don't know what happened to either guy so don't ask. And yes both stories 100% true, though I was tempted to make up a Trump supporter one haha

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Is lucid dreaming dangerous?

My friends i would like to inform all of you that dreams and visons are not to be taken lightly...the bible highly speaks of them.Since i was a kid i have been lucid dreaming and dint know that it was called lucid dreaming until last year..my exprience with lucid dreaming has always been negative and evil and it

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If it were me, I'd hire someone whose job it is to find people, such as a trained, licensed private investigator. If your son is in fact alive, or even if he isn't, he can probably be located by a professional since it's rarely possible for