What was your favorite grade in school?

Probably my sophomore year of high school. Why?

  • That was probably the only full school year that I've ever had that had absolutely no drama or fights between any of my close friends and/or I. (Other years, that was sometimes my fault, sometimes the fault of the other party, but usually both.).
  • I was stressed out, but I learned how to handle a heavy school workload, which has benefited me to this day.
  • My best friend was still in school (she was a senior then) instead of hours away at college (I'm proud of her but I do miss her a lot).
  • It was before I lost one of my other friends over a fight over a boy (the full story on that can be found in some of my other answers).
  • It was the last time that I got to have my favorite math teacher in class (she retired at the end of the year. I had her for Geometry).
  • I was old enough to have my driver's license and a job by the end of the school year, but I wasn't old enough to be stressing too much about college (yet). It was a nice in-between time of gaining adult privileges without gaining too much more immediate/boring responsibility.
  • I got a job (my first one that wasn't babysitting) where I met some of the people I now go to first for advice and tell of my great achievements first, too. (Spending the 4th of July with your favorite coworkers scooping ice cream and cooking food for tourists really forms a special bond. Especially if you also spend that time talking about the annoying lady who asked for chocolate swirl and wouldn't specify whether she wanted just chocolate or chocolate/vanilla swirl until you spent five minutes explaining it twenty different ways.).

It was two years ago now, but it was a nice time and my favorite year of high school by far, and my favorite year of all of school. Senior year would probably take second place, then my freshman year, and then last year.

Hm... the first thing that comes into my mind is 9th grade, which is strange, because it was my most problematic year (this year excluded.) But I had amazing teachers (...mostly), an amazing class and overall great memories. If I focused on the negative, though, it would be my worst year so far. But who wants to hear about the negative.

9th grade was the year I was able to separate the true friends from the rest, and sort my priorities straight.

I could go on about that year for a long time, but I'm going to stop now. Don't want to give a speech in answer to a simple question.

Senior year of high school.

We were "kings and queens of the hill" and had everything available to us.

I knew that I was admitted to MIT early action prior to Thanksgiving (back then) and I could focus on all the fun things.... Senior play, senior prom, year book, etc etc etc. and have a Ball with my friends.

Honestly, mine would be eighth grade. In this grade, I gained many new friends and I learned how to have fun with the classes I took. Two of my classes had amazing teachers who not only taught us a lot of information, but taught it well through activities, raps, games, etc. Their teaching had little more to be desired.

Also in eighth grade, I changed from someone who lacked the capability to interact with people to someone who loved talking to others and figuring out their story.

Basically it was this grade where I came to a realization about how I could enjoy school. :)

Kindergarten. I had such fun with the kids and the games, but the best was this square metal box that was big enough to walk in. I fell for that box. I got a brush and pail of water. I spent days painting my house with water that would soon dry away. Then, I'd start all over. Fifty years later and my paint job is still there! The house looked great and still does.

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