What was your first Facebook profile picture?

I think this was it at least that's the one still on my facebook.

Taken September 2009. So I was 16.

It was at Reading Festival.

So, talking about Facebook profile pictures... My first profile picture was

Halfway through my 13th birthday party, I made my mom sit down with me and help me make a Facebook account. I didn't have very many recent photos of myself, so we used one from a few weeks before.

MY first facebook profile picture had massive public appeal.

It didn't go massively viral or get me a lot of social media traction back in the august of 2011, but it definitely did relate to a lot of people, and it would do even now.

Something universally applicable and likeable.

What are some differences between bipolar, BPD, and DID?

Thank you for your request.I am not a doctor. This answer should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or advice.*Warning* This will probably be a long answer.Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder, borderline personality disorder is a personality disorder and dissociative

What's the worst injury you've seen?

One of my defenseman had his forearm accidentally stepped on by another player's skate. It severed several tendons, along with an artery. So not only did it look like spaghetti hanging out of his arm, all sorts of blood was

What are some good Japanese harem to watch?

Here's the list of some of my favourites :p1. Absolute duo - 12 episodes2. Amnesia - 12 episodes3. Brothers Conflict - 12 episodes4. Cupid's Chocolate - 15 episodes5. Dance with Devils - 12 episodes6. Date A Live - 12 episodes7. Diabolik Lovers - 12 episodes8. Freezing - 12 episodes9.