What was your last day of high school like?

The last day of high school was kind of a surreal experience. It doesn't feel like it's truly over. I found myself getting all sentimental about the simplest things (sometimes really silly things!). There's so many lasts!

  • The last time you'll ever sit in those those weird school desks where you're strapped to the chair
  • The last time you will ever be in the same classroom with your fellow classmates
  • The last time you'll hear the school bell sound to release you from class
  • The last time you'll navigate the maze of people during passing period
  • The last time you'll ever be on release in place of a class (anytime you don't have a class is release in college!)
  • The last time you'll ever eat in that boisterous cafeteria
  • The last time you'll ever use a high school restroom
  • The last time you'll ever use your password to log onto a school computer or school website
  • The last time you'll camp out in your high school's library
  • The last time you'll see the teachers that made high school worthwhile

High school was definitely not the greatest experience for me, but even so, it's kind of a funny thing... how sometimes it takes something being over to realize, "hey, that wasn't so bad."

Heartbreaking. I was so torn. I have beautiful memories from my school and saying goodbye was hard and tearful.

If the Universe suddenly stopped expanding, and we attempt to cross the 'border', what would happen?

I think that you might have a wrong image regarding how the Universe works or looks..It looks to me as if you think of the Universe as this ever-expanding room, and when it stops expanding you can just walk to the door and step out..I think this image is wrong!A more correct analogy, in my view,would be

Is there less competition applying to be a software engineer at Leidos or Raytheon compared to say Microsoft or Apple?

You are almost certainly in a smaller pool of applicants.Many jobs in both of these companies require U.S. Citizenship, and (usually) some level of security clearance. If you can't get a clearance, or aren't a citizen (naturalized usually counts - it does at Los Alamos), then you need not apply for a

How would an infestation by the aliens from the alien movie franchise play out on earth?

The aliens are literally the worse possible creatures to hunt other creatures with that have guns.Their size, strength, acid blood ect are powerful tools in hunting creatures that don't have guns. Also, their color would make it impossible to blend in anywhere that isn't a dingy, dark maze.I'm sure people would die