What was your most racist encounter in Turkey?

I am a Turk and I didn't subject racism in turkey (except being called as arab because I like writing in arab alphabet and I like arab culture). Some of my friends were calling others as Kurd when they become angry to others, and even one of them were saying he don't like blacks(but he is stupid, I am sure that he haven't seen any black ever) but I have also a alawi Kurd friend from Dersim(he is from Tunceli province- I like him) and my nationalist friends didn't murder him or they didn't exclude him(but he was not singing PKK marches in street, in such kind of situation they would be more intolerant I think). They generally don't speak bad against faces of Kurds or other nations but speak after them( and it makes me disturbed). But they are not all of turkey, actually they are minority and there are turks who like Kurds. I know men who cancel his marriage because his future wife has Kurdish relatives and I know many man marrying with Kurds and even learning Kurdish( second group is more crowded). Racism against blacks are really rare and to other people is rare unless they say "I will speak in my language" and etc. (People can speak in their language but it is seen as seperation for some people if they are trying to start a movement). If someone kill someone(specially soldier or civilians or children) in the name of a nation, then generally there will be racism towards this nation( there were racism towards Armanians because of conflicts during ww1 and because of ASALA). But this racism can not be compared to racism during Hitler or racism through Blacks in USA. It is a kind of public discomfort rather than racism. Extremists are in big cities generally and there are stupid, rude, coward computer boys but they don't represent all turkey. This kind of racism is more lower in southeastern provinces(specialy in Hatay) and east. I heard from my father that in my father's hometown, natives(town natives) killed Kurdish immigrants( how hospitable town isn't it) but inhabitants of my father's hometown are generally psychopath mad people and I haven't heard such kind of murder case in recent times. Hatred against PKK is high and conflicts between guerillas is increasing nationalism(I don't like PKK either and I know Kurds don't like pkk ). Racism is generally mixed with joke and it is not dangerous to other people who subject to racism, ar least in my town (nationalism is high in my town)

Are there rufous hummingbirds in New Jersey?

Not usually, as it's more of a western hummingbird, but they do wander off course during migration. In the east, the default hummingbird is the Ruby Throated, which are the only hummingbirds there in any numbers.

What do people get wrong about Indians?

Indians are all dark skinned. We have colour range from black to white.All Indians are Hindu or Buddhist. there is about all religions in the world.Indians eat curry. Each state has it's own cuisine the food is extensive.There is no such food called curry.All Indians are good at math..I am not.

Do you need to investigate a missing person?

It could be a good idea to use resources on your own before or after the police do their investigation but not during. It could conflict and confuse those questioned and make it more difficult for police.