What we do to get good muscle in home workout?

This will depend on whether you mean a home workout without equipment, a home gym with some equipment or a home gym with just a couple of adjustable dumbbells, an ab roller wheel and some push up bars, for example.

If you are focussed and disciplined, then you will get results. If no equipment at all, use calisthenics. Buy a book or research on the internet for ideas.

Working at home, you will need to use your brain to adapt your workouts to your situation and surroundings. For example, bench dips can be done by placing your hands on an armchair behind you. Press up can be done with your feet on a chair etc etc. Could you train outdoors in the fresh air? Be innovative to keep things fresh and for best results. Buy a timer for your workouts. Add music of your choice. (Unlike in a gym!)

Good luck!

Should I be offended as a woman if my husband calls other women chicks and butterflies?

I think that you need to determine whether he objectifies women by how he treats women, you included.  I've know more than one man who believes to the bottom of his soul that calling a woman a "chick" or a "great broad" is the highest compliment

I cheated on my wife before we were married and she forgave me, I created from this but the child's mother didn't tell me until she was 6 & I was married that the child is mine. Is she wrong to want a divorce?

I'm confused. Is the child from your wife or your lover? Most women will want a divorce if you have another kid outside your marriage. She might forgive the cheating but not the having a second family to go with it, as you will now be on the hook for child support. She may

Is there a way to stop muscles from being sore AND weak after working out? If so, how?

The biggest thing you can do is program your training better and ramp up intensities (warm up well).Once you're sore, there is actually very little you can do to alleviate that soreness from a true point of view at least long term. At least in tightly controlled situations, or in situations that don't reduce inflammation and