What well-known survival hacks actually don't work?

I know of two...

  1. Don't try and drink water from a cactus. Most cactus' (cact?) water will actually make you sick. Unless you know the difference, don't. Getting sick and throwing up is the last thing you want to do in the dessert.
  2. Do NOT play dead if a bear attacks. In the case of an actual physical attack, you need to fight back. You'll most likely die, but playing dead is not the better option. Strategies on how to avoid bear attacks to begin with depends on the bear. There's plenty of good information out there.
  3. Also, sucking out snake venom is pretty much useless.

Is it professional to wear heeled shoes that make noise to work?

This is one of those questions that are truly dependent on other bits of information.Does the person walk about the Office all day?Is the noise rather loud, or just obvious to the wearer?Is it a superior that is the wearer of the

What screams 'I'm a scammer'?

When they ask for me by my real name. Very few people know what it is.When they call me and ask for

What questions do you ask the guests in a restaurant, so that you can better serve them?

There are a few basic enquiries that the service team can make, but also the reservations.It is safe to presume that if a guest genuinely suffers from an allergy, then they will let you know beforehand, as it is a matter