What were Napoleon's ambitions?

His ambition was to become Emperor in place of the Emperor

At that time the emperor was the austrian Hapsburg, so Napoleon got an incredible opportunity when the french Bourbon get destabilized by the counter ( bloody jacobine revolution ) counter ( austrian and emigrés military invasion revealed by the fuite to Varennes ) revolution

He simply tried to replace the Bourbon dynasty by his own family, and we can really question how worth this Bourbon dynasty was, witness how Louis XVIII flew like a burglar to Ghant in Belgium when Napoleon after leaving Elba arrived near Paris

How many push ups should I do a day?

Depending on your time, you should do as many as you can! Daily! You could do a few series of 20–25 reps in the morning and other series later in the evening before going to bed.Consistency and persistence are the

Is it possible to get back with an ex even after they have dated others?

Yes! Anything is possible unless of course they have a restraining order against you. I think you should re evaluate your decision on trying to get back with him, because if it didn't work out then there must be some resolving that needs done. If you do decide

How much sleep does a person over 70 need?

Depending on the level of activity that one is engaged with, thereby a reasonable consideration can be allocated towards gracefully adding on a few minutes as might be essentially required.The point being that apart from at least 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep if