What were your impressions after visiting Poland?

After being in a country where the citizens dared to suggest Döhner as something local, and after feeling relief for leaving the Berlin Christmas Market 1 hour earlier than expected, I finally got sick of Turke... I mean Syri... I mean Germany and decided to go to somewhere were I could feel more local vibe, you know, that place whose citizens the open minded germans talk so much shit about, Poland, purchased a ticket through flixbus and got to Kraków (did a quick stop in Katowice on the way, lovely town), after arriving and not knowing no one in Poland I was there at the Kraków Głowny at 7 pm with my bags, starving, that's how I ended up in the house of the Whopper, haha! .

Long story short, my quick 2 day planned trip became a month longer, met the most lovely people in the world, a nice place where people still feel proud of what they have, the society they live in and their flag and language. Ate a lot of nice food, even Flaczki.

Never understood why they put Ruskie in the name of a Pierogi!

Also got drunk more than once with Zubrowka and Wyborowa, I mean, I love Vodka, but even their cheap vodkas were good.

Had a lovely time in Poland, learned a few things in Polish and felt that my heart was taken away when I finally had to leave.

I think that Poland is a lovely country, someday I'll be back to that heaven on earth as I know it.

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