What were your impressions of visiting Venezuela?

I was there about 12 years ago and really liked it.  Venezuelan culture is very spanish, as in more influenced by Spain than by the native peoples of South America that they met when they got there.

The people were really friendly and put up with my crappy (at the time its better now) Spanish. Like in alot of other countries, they are victims of their government, especially those of smaller highly corrupt countries. When I was there, there was no middle class at all. Everyone was either very wealthy, just getting by from their work or very very poor.  If you get a chance you should go. Right now, Colombia next door is much safer with similar cultural experiences.
What is the most powerful movie or movie scene you've ever watched?

Obviously there is a TON of powerful movie scenes out there, but I'll run down what I would probably consider as my five favorites (in no particular order).Interstellar (2014):The scene where Cooper watches the message from his adult daughter Murph (and she informs him she is now the same age he was as when he

Who would be the creepiest neighbor ever?

I think for girls like me the creepiest one will be those aunties who keep spying us ( that's the most Indian thing ) to know aboutour male -friends /boyfriendsWhat time we return home ?How short dresses we wear ?Then there are ones who bring

What economic budget do I need if I'm going to travel to Bangkok, Thailand?

It depends largely on what you want to do.Hotels can be had for as little as 1300 Baht, or as much as 10000. Lunch and dinner can be anywhere from 300 in a roadside bar to 3000 in the fanciest restaurants.Typical bars charge 80–250 for a drink, but if you