What will be the earth like after 10 years?

10 years is a good time frame for completing challenging projects. You will see a lot of interesting advances during the next 10 years. You will also see an increase in major catastrophes as the earth becomes more restless. Fortunately, those catastrophes should not be global in nature over the next 10 years, so it will be possible for the human race to continue to evolve. It is very likely we will lose Hawaii to nature, but there will be time to evacuate those people and the combined population of all the Hawaii islands is only about 1 million people so they can relocate.

As long as super volcanoes remain dormant we should all do very well as technology advances and economic conditions in general improve. Going out 50 - 100 years though is a different story. Enjoy the abunance and prosperity while it lasts.

Will basically be the same as it is today. Liberals are scaring you into giving them power and money. They cannot change the weather any more than cool the sun. We are parasites living on this planet, the earth cools and it warms naturally. In fact, there was a giant glacial right where I am only 10,000 yrs ago. Be happy the earth is warming and not cooling. In the 70's the scare was another ice age was coming. Stop believing the nonsense and do something constructive in your community.

I am hoping we will be seeing an upturn in the economy and that unemployment will be very low. I think we will see higher wages, and that the housing market will be starting to loosen. I think that we will still be struggling with climate change.

What would happen if Barack Obama flew to Russia and met with Vladimir Putin tomorrow?

There would be investigations in the House and the Senate. There would be cries of treason and collusion with Russia. The GOP leadership would be aghast that this could occur. There would be calls for posthumous impeachment. And all of this would occur without any sense of irony or hypocrisy.

Why do people always believe what the news says?

I believe what the news says because the news has a good track record of providing accurate information, and I am not able to get access to this primary information myself. Believe it or not, I have a job, and so am unable to sit in the House of Commons all day