What will be the effects of global warming in India in the next 20-30 years?

I will go from what I feel are more likely to the less likely.

More flooding especially towards the end of the Monsoons - so Aug/Sep and Dec/Jan. more so in cities where the population is increasing and out management of waste is suboptimal.

assam flooding will depend on how many more dams China builds across the Bramhaputra and how wel it is managed.

increased water pressure in NW India. This will be especially bad as groundwater might have been exhausted in several blocks by then. Also in Vidarbha/Telengana and Tamil Nadu.

Saltwater intrusion into groundwater in several coastal areas.

hopefully we will have vaccines against Dengue and Zika within the next 5 years, so the mosquitos problem will be less worrisome.

increased migration from Bangladesh.

farm yields falling leading to more farmer distress. Bit here again, there is hope. If we can pull off the DBT and cause a revolution in farmer credit, it will really change things.

It will become hotter and we may need to rethink school times/working ways.

In the Summer 19 May 2016 highest temperature has been recorded in phlodi,Rajastan which is 51 degree Celsius. This increase in temperature is due to emission of CO2 which are responsible for global warming. This increase in temperature causes ice melting and increasing sea level and flood occurs. If this situation will be not controlled not only India all world will face for a big disaster.

Do Google, Apple, and Facebook want more minorities working there?

Absolutely. More minorities = more diversity.Google: "At Google, we don't just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community. Having a diversity of perspectives leads to better decision-making, more relevant products, and makes work a whole lot more

Among Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, which company will get to 1 trillion market capitalization first? And which are impossible absolutely?

I think Amazon because it has the most room to grow.Amazon wants to capture the entire retail market of the world, and they won't stop there. They want to be in charge of distribution, groceries, web services, AI software, and probably much