What will be the first thing you will do if alien spaceship lands in front of you?

  1. Frantically consider, "How do I know what this is?" Aliens? Enemies? Mutants living under Earth for millennia? Earthlings and others living in another dimension under oceans / in mountains for 10,000 years? Hologram? Black Ops technology? My hallucination?
  2. Frantically consider, "This is totally unknown to me, so how do I know they are not going to kill me / eat me / chase and shoot me for sport / designate me ambassador to an ice planet and take me there?"
  3. Plan A: Probably try desperately to run/hide. If not possible, plan B: stand tall and to the best of my ability, show NO fear, and be courteous. I am after all possibly representing my entire planet and/or people.
  4. Decide I am likely dreaming anyway, so I should just let go and see how it all goes. I will smile, on the surface, while in the back of my head I will be evaluating my 2nd Amendment resource options and remembering the hilariously-black article "What I'd Say to the Martians."

Damn, I was wrong!

Then I would check and see if humans were driving this thing. I still think they will be humans. But here your question says they are Aliens so we will go with that.

The reason I was surprised to see the spaceship is I always say biological intelligent animals cannot live for millions of years. That is how long it would take for an Alien to pilot a Starship millions of light years from there to here. I would make sure the Aliens were not robots because I still do not believe that a large animal can be 300 Million years old. Perhaps they have a generation ship located close by.

Next I would ask my government if I could show one of the Aliens around the area here and have some time to speak and question the Alien as to where he is from and does he own an automobile at home. Can you tell that I am delighted to see Aliens?

I would demand two things right away which could constitute scientific evidence that extraterrestrials actually exist, just about the most important scientific discovery of all time. One of the things would be a polite but firm demand for an actual object manufactured not on Earth but somewhere else which scientists could study. The second thing would be to get specific meaningful answers to some of the questions we have but don't know the answers to in mathematics and science. These ought to be sufficient for me to prove to both myself and colleagues that the extraterrestrials actually exist and that I wasn't having a lucid dream, an outright hallucination, or was the victim of an elaborate hoax. Oh. And then I'd take a selfie.

I'll whip out a/my phone.

I'd pull out tik tok.

Full volume, i'd show them the hell of humanity.

if they don't leave then I will show them whats good about humanity. Showing classic country.

Country Roads,etc.


country roadssss take me home

to the place I belong

west Virginia

As much as I want to meet a nice alien race, there would still be a feeling of fear and unease especially until I knew they were friendly.

My initial reaction would be "oh shit", in both uses. Fear and awe I think.

Would I run for it? I dont know. If there was something that just screamed "get outta there now" probbably, if not I'm not sure, don't think anyone would be until it really happened.

As for how I'd greet them, open palmed and docile in attidute, that should hopefully be interpreted as peaceful.

Could Satoshi Nakamoto be the U.S. government?

No. I am a man and not related with the US government at all, this project is raised up from the ground with huge help from the P2P community, programmers from the PGP foundation ( Hal Finney ), later on many others, like Gavin, Wladimir and behind the

When distance contracts and time slows down at near light speed, does it mean we can cover a distance of 1 light year within a year if we travel at near the speed of light?

It depends. If you're measuring the duration then it's possible. If any other observer is measuring the duration who is at rest in the reference frame of the two points then it will always be greater than a year.According to special