What will happen if a person eats only once a day?

Buddhist monks do it all the time, after collecting alms in their begging bowls eating their only meal later in the morning.

Having all you food in one go can induce a higher insulin production, which if you don't use up all your glucose by metabolizing it will convert that into fat, so having your calories spread over the at the least two meals a day has been proven to be better in the sense that it doesn't induce being overweight so much as only one meal a day.

That aside, no problem, have lived like that for around 35 years of my professional life, only having a mug of coffee in the morning, maybe an apple or nothing midday, and having a nice dinner at around 20 to 21 hours.
What time is the closing time for a restaurant in London?

This varies enormously, depending on the type of restaurant. However, if you're talking about fine dining, they usually close by about midnight (+/- half an hour). Big chain restaurants will probably also close around midnight. If you want to eat later, there will be many

What do big government liberals think about failed socialist states?

I appreciate the edit on the question -- the point of Quora is for people to ask hard questions and get answers that challenge dearly-held notions as much as they inform in general.TL;DR -- the major states claiming to be socialist that have