What will happen if you go to gym but don't eat enough after?

You have to understand how human body works. When you are in gym you exhaust muscles and only afterwards they start repairing/building process ( kind of like the more you exhaust and fuel with food, the more they grow ). Our tissues are made of cells made of proteins (diff kinds- some can be produced by body and some has to be taken from food ) which is made of amino acids. If you don't have sufficient intake of nutrients, your muscles will never build back esp after training. You might be happy about your weight drop on the scale but it's not fats, it's definitely muscles.

Never skip a meal after workout. Preferably within one hour. It doesn't have to contain high sugar levels or carbs, but it has to be rich in protein. Sugar and carbs main portions are best taken before training to provide you with energy needed. Try this and you will be amazed by results - performance in training and muscle growth.

After marrying a Hindu girl, can a Muslim boy take the Hindu religion?

HINDUS are born ..once there was only exit exit and exit..if one eat onion garlic he is no more a hindu .Now after Aryasamaj and Swami Dayanand Swraswati. Purify and reenter in Hinduism was possible.Now any one at any time without disclosure of reason can convert to hinduism or any other religions in

What is the worst part about working for a tech startup?

This will differ for each individual, based on what a person's individual tolerance levels are for risk, convenience, culture, and the nature of work.Startups are risky. 99.9% of startups fail. If you worry about financial stability, that could be quite the anxiety-inducer.Startups typically don't have many resources relative to

Which are the best banquet halls in Navi Mumbai for a marriage ceremony?

I would suggest you check Aayush Resort. They have a variety of lawns, halls and Banquet Hall for the different range of people as per your requirement.Suruchi LawnA comfortable and cozy space that can be used for open-air as events as well as covered parties. It is also ideal for holding receptions and other