What will happen if you win the lottery for millions of dollars but live on SSI/SSDI?

SSI: No, the money is yours. However, once you win that lotto, you can't get SSI. Eventually, either the IRS or the bank will inform Social Security about the money, and you will have to pay every cent back. And SSI recipients are required to report these things.

SSDI: SSDI is insurance. If you crash your car, you get money to pay for it, even if you are rich. So winning the lotto is fine.

What are the good online sites to practice complex SQL/plsql code?

My vote goes to PL/SQL challenge and Stackoverflow .The first one is a website run by one of the world's greatest experts in PL/SQL language - Steven feuerstein. It has thousands of quizzes to practice as well as to compete against other developers.

How come I have been walking and eating right for months, but I still can't lose weight?

So you've committed to your new diet but you still haven't lost any weight. Or you've only lost a few pounds, a lot less than you expected.You're frustrated. Annoyed. Thinking about giving up and going back to your old ways.I get it. Plenty of my clients have felt this way. But, before

How much does running training help with endurance cycling? What's the overlap in muscles used?

There are four main modalities involved in any training:1. Flexibility2. Strength3. Speed4. CV endurance.In terms of transfer to the sport of choice, each has a level of specificity.Flexibility is fairly general. Some degree of