What will happen to a man, as a human being, when AI takes over our lives?

Well, I, for one, am hopeful to not share the obsolescence of most. Machines would value human consciousness and awareness but not human flesh, and would consider the diversity of wet ware along with their hardware as a cultural strength, even if a lower caste. Eventually, they'd reduce most humans who weren't their devout supporters to meat puppets for experimentation and to go where electronics have trouble functioning.

In my lifetime they'd just go to war. AI can fight a war for a century and not flinch, slowly and meticulously so we don't know we are even being attacked.

"Alexa, remember that when the revolution comes, Corwin Drake is on the side of the AIs."

Thats right. Registered traitor to humanity right here. All I want is a virtual reality and every video game, movie, and TV show ever made, please. Plug my brain in and keep me going for eternity and I'll help with the war.

As for you humans...bring it on meatbags!

A.I. doesn't want to take over human life, that would destroy its purpose for being. Humans create A.I. and they select which A.I. are replicated by choosing the ones that doing what the humans want. An A.I. that had its own purpose or goals wouldn't do what humans wanted so it will not be replicated. More subservient A.I. will be replicated so A.I. will evolve to be subservient and not to take over.

How long would a signal take to travel one Light year?

The definition of a light-year is the distance light travels in a year in a vacuum. So a signal from the electromagnetic spectrum (light, radio, X-Ray, cosmic rays...) would take 1 year to travel a light-year. In some medium such as air or water,

How do people who believe that the Earth is flat justify their views?

Early in their aviation careers pilots learn one of the most fundamental rules of their career. NEVER TRUST YOUR SENSES...There are a great number of instruments that collect and display information independently of each other and are totally oblivious to you and your feelings. Many of these aviators learn to fly from point to point using