What will happen to hybrids over time as Tesla closes the gap between electric and gas? Will hybrids fall behind gas and full electric?

I think you're missing what a hybrid is meant to do.

You remember back when to get 350 hp out of a car, you were looking at a solid 6.4L V8 with a 4-speed manual transmission in a 1967 Mustang?

The only reason for a hybrid is the power density of fuel compared to batteries - liquid fuel is simply so much more dense

As batteries get better this gap will reduce and the niche for a hybrid will get slowly smaller

A 300 mile drive followed by a 75% recharge in 20 minutes is more than most people will ever need - and this is what the Tesla 3 and the Chevy Bolt are bringing this year

In another 5 years......

Gas prices are going to rise - and rise and rise - the pure petrol car will eventually be phased out

To those who talk about performance - NO - it is much easier to simply get more oomph out of the battery electric drivetrain - rather than having to add the weight and complexity of an engine gearbox and generator

Neuroscience: Do true brain hacks exist?

Take a look at this Quora Question:What are some amazing brain hacks?Yes, there are many brain hacks, discovered by accident (e.g. by people having accidents that damage part of the brain) but increasingly by trying stuff out whilst people are inside a functional

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Brother according to me the life hacks that you know which everbody don't knowAlways live for nationAlways believe in your karmaAlways manage your time with your interest. Prefer much time for those works which you want to learn, after that use your time in which you are perfect so that you