What will you miss about Stan Lee?

I'll definitely miss his various cameos.

Watching Stan Lee in Marvel movies were always a fun. And not just in Marvel movies. I just loved his unexpected cameos in Runaways or Teen Titans Go.

But what I will miss the most is that the fact that the man who created history, the father of all kinds of famous super heroes that brought inspiration and joy to us is no longer with us. My biggest pain is that he passed away before he could see the Fantastic Four, his first creation, done properly on screen by Marvel.

R.I.P Stan Lee (1922–2018)

Thank you and good bye.

By far what I will miss are his constant cameos in the MCU movies, TV shows and sometimes cartoons.

RIP Stan Lee 1922–2018

Marvel comics were written, edited and published by Stan Lee. He dies at 1995. He was the superhero of marvel comics. I have loss comic book, videos, cartoon etc. I have also loss romantic comic which tell us about love stories including jealousy, marriage, divorce, heartache. Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said Stan Lee is a superhero in his own right to Marvel fans all over the world. Stan Lee had power to inspire, to entertain as well as to connect. His imagination scale exceeded only by the size of his heart. He was the creator of Spider man. Stan Lee also write the X-Men, the Avengers, the Incredible Hulk. so I miss many think about Stan Lee.

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