What workout split works best for you?

Best training split program is a program that is customized just for YOU.

I have a personal coaching programwhere I charge hundreds of dollars and hours of my personal time to do just that for you.

My mission has always been simple:

To reach out to the maximum number of people in my lifestyle.


However, when the number that I am targeting are millions, then the service and cost that I offer for my courses and programs need to be affordable and of high value.

I wish I can reduce my personal coaching price, but I cannot as it involves a lot of my personal time, which honestly I rather use to create valuable content like this article, courses and much more!

So, this is the next best alternative-Understand the science behind create amazing workouts plans for your goals, needs and abilities. Keep reading and researching.

I love to write and will keep on adding tons of free content on workout routines, program design, fundamentals concepts related to muscle building and fat loss.

Coming back to the topic at hand: What are the key factors that you need to think about when you think customization?

  • Your training level

Click here to get your:

Beginners Workout Plans [0-6 months of consistent training]

Intermediate Workout Plans [6 months to 2 years of consistent training]

Advanced Workout Plans [2 years+ of consistent training]

  • Your sex: Male or Female

95% of protocols for men and women are the same. However, there are some differences and that's why I have created a separate workout plan for females.

FBX Workout Plan for Women [will link up soon..I feel the best workout split for women is a Upper Body/Lower Body Split]

  • Your medical history

Any injuries? Any knee/back surgeries you are recovering from? Lower back pain or shoulder impingement perhaps? The thumb rule is this:

Just consult your doctor before embarking on any new fitness routine. Just be sure that your doctor has given a 'go-ahead' for you to perform all movements.

Another thing is to be self-aware and listen to your body.

Does your knee pains when squatting? Is it a one-off thing, or it happens regularly?

You see, soreness is one thing, but constant pain is another. Maybe there is a need for soft-tissue work that will probably help alleviate your pain.

Maybe you need to work on static stretches to correct muscle imbalances. Or maybe you just need to recover and rest for few weeks till the pain resides.

-Your goals: Muscle building? Fat Loss? General health.

If you are looking to build lean muscle, the best way is obviously to weight train. Some people who have little desire for muscles can simply go for HIIT training which can provide good benefits like growth hormone boosts and other fitness adaptations in little time.

Same thing with fat loss. Weight training is a very efficient way to lose fat too. You can read about 14 amazing benefits of weight training here.

You can look more into:

FBX Gain: The Ultimate Muscle Building Workout Routine

FBX Cut: The Ultimate Fat Loss Workout Routine

Note: FBX-Gain can also be used during a cutting phase, as in the end, losing weight or building muscle is heavily dependent on how many calories you are eating based on your TDEE.

And FBX-Gain tells you to be in the [5-7] range which I believe is the best rep range to progressively overload and that my friend is the number one way to build muscle and lose fat!

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Shoulders are interesting. I avoid overhead presses because I've had low back problems since I was young. I saw two women training the other day and they were doing what I would call overly ballistic overhead presses. They were doing a variation of a clean and press but to get the weight up, they were actually jumping

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What are some reasons why an exercise routine can boost other areas of life?

It helps keep your body feeling well and you looking great of course, but being consistent with a routine also helps shape your mind as well. It has been shown scientifically that regular exercise does have a positive effect on our mental health. While exercising