What would American history have looked like if slaves were never brought over?

I will assume that you are referring to African slaves.

If no Africans were available, the British would have simply increased the supply of White convicts or Debtors in much the same way they used Convict labor and Debtors in Australia.


The likelihood is that the infrastructure of the United States agricultural and industrial is possible because of its incredible fast rise in the world this can be attributed to many sources but slaves are one of those as they replaced the weak and depleted native work force though not entirely damning to the future of the states having no slaves would have weakened the power of the US and likely would have changed it's ability to become what it is today

No slavery in the US? Hmmm...

Back-of-the-napkin theory...

I see cotton as the 600 pound gorilla of early American economics.

The enormous demand for labor to grow King Cotton would have to have been met somehow. I'm going to say that some sort of enticements would have been enacted to encourage more immigration of people willing to work the fields.

Indentured-servant-path-to citizenship?

Perhaps similar to how the homestead act encouraged people to move west.

Whatever the poorest countries in Europe were (Ireland, Italy?) that's where they might be drawn from.

Maybe like Canada but mostly warmer? Could be worse. Also no neo-Confederates pissing in the water supply.

Can psychopaths get amok?

Okay so, I had to google this word.‘A psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder.'From my point of view, no. As far as I am aware, based on evidence and anecdotal experience, we are immune to depression. So that's one half of the definition out of the way.Secondly, a manic urge. Mania is showing

What are your favorite top 20 songs of all time?

My top 20 favourite songs as of now are the following, in no particular order:The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade)Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen (A Night At The Opera)Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day (American Idiot)American Idiot- Green Day (American Idiot)Not Afraid- Eminem (Recovery)Teenagers- My Chemical Romance

What would Ireland do if Russia invaded England?

Ireland has never been Involved in a war of aggression since the foundation of the State. Our defence forces is less then 10′000 active members. We are not a member of NATO. at any given time up to 10% of our army is