What would Donald Trump change about himself if he doesn't win the 2016 presidential election?

I don't see why he would change anything if he does not win.

Since he will blame everybody other than himself for the mistakes.

He is already talking about rigged elections! Setting himself up to pass the blame to others ...

I would not have thought that the race for POTUS could degenerate so far as to allow such a person to run for the office ... but I was wrong!

Is it ok to eat biscuits as breakfast?

It depends on what kind of work you are going to be doing after your morning routine, If you are going to do something that requires some physical stress then no . Biscuits dont provide enough energy to take you through the day till lunch . You will end up becoming hungry again

I'm 18. If I run a mile everyday would I be able to run a mile at 100-years-old?

First, get yourself to live to be 100. Eat fruits and vegetables. No one ever says eat less of them. Make sure you sleep 8 hours of sleep each night. Here's a guy who ran a marathon at age 92. Fauja

Do girls treat slightly younger guys like kids?

I'm sharing my opinion. I don't know what other girls think.I don't treat slightly younger guys as kids now. But earlier I did consider them naive and immature. And used to treat them that way but all this changed after getting into college.