What would Ireland be like if the famine had never happened?

The year of the Famine was also around the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Our little island had a population of eight million people and that at the time was a decent sized crowd. But part of the cause of the Famine was that England ruled the country and saw the Irish as an inferior race. So had the Famine been avoided, the bigger question is whether England would have permitted the Irish to play a part in that Industrial Revolution? If they had, Ireland would have become a more powerful and wealthy country but what then? Would the newly rich Irish have mobilized with armaments capable of driving the British back into the sea?

It is speculation of course and we'll never know. Only the strongest survived that Famine, some going to other countries and through sheer tenacity, they made progress elsewhere. Those who remained behind in Ireland had to be strong and resourceful as well and yet after the Famine, the conflict and wars with England continued up until 1922 when we successfully declared a Free-State.

More Irish would've been able to stay put and a lesser fraction would immigrate like they did In the 19th century. They'd would've had a stronger population to help resist British rule over the Emerald Isle breaking free sooner than let's say 1916.

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