What would an employer think if an employee agrees to work 15 hours a day for 6 days a week in the management level?

How the hell can someone manage effectively with that many hours?!

Those are the hours an individual contributor would pull for a limited-time crash project.

I'm not an employer or manager, but my immediate thought would be that this person is unsuited for management because they don't know their own physiological limitations (unless they have previously divulged, and demonstrated, that they are one of the extraordinarily rare people (~1% - A tiny percentage of the population needs only 4 hours of sleep per night) who can function at peak with limited hours of sleep.

How do actresses maintain slim figure without building musles? Alsmost all of them diet and go to gym, but muscles are not visible.

To look muscular you should have to go for the strength training program in the gym actress doesn't look muscular because they don't go for the strength training program they go for endurance training in the gym and the core strengthening and core stabilization exercises and many of the yogasanas and different types of

How to know which type of binders are suited for flexible pavements

Depends on1. The type of aggregate structure you are using in design2. Location of Site where it'll be used (Because Bitumen is Visco-elastic material and changes properties according to temperature)A single type of binder cannot be used for all gradations of aggregates.Basic recommendation is to use VG grade bitumen.

How to make my calf muscles bigger

How can I make my calf muscles bigger?Of the leg muscles, the primary blind spot tends to be the calf. Indeed, underdeveloped leg muscles - aka chicken legs - plague many guys. Functionally, calves are important for developing explosive power, so anyone who takes