What would be the easiest way to make soup?

The easiest soup is probably leek and potato.

It's basically a chopped leek and leftover mashed potato, boil for 5 or 10 minutes till it looks right, and eat.

You can use chopped fresh potato instead of mash (adjusting the cooking time), or add more to it - I prefer vegetable stock, but chicken or ham stock is good too. Smoked garlic is wonderful. Herbs like parsley, dill, oregano, or spices like smoked paprika or mustard. A strong grated cheese added at the end is amazing. Finely chopped onions or shallots, sprinkled in the bowls just before serving. Milk, cream (fresh or soured), plain yogurt or buttermilk can go in too, if not already in the mash, along with a huge knob of butter - I recommend Cuinneog Fermented Irish Farmhouse butter, which is so delicious you could eat it out of the packaging with a spoon.

Why is orange juice yellow?

Orange juice gets its yellow color from chemicals called carotenoids. There are about 600 different carotenoid chemicals, most of them are yellow, orange, or red. They are responsible for the colors of carrots, canteloupes, some orange or gold autumn leaves, and oranges. Several different carotenoids

Is Joylent healthy?

You have three common food sensitivities represented - soy, milk, and gluten. (Oats don't naturally have gluten but may become contaminated, and have closely related proteins anyway.) You have sugar - maltodextrin is glucose in longer molecular chains but is broken down

What books made bad movies and why?

Well if you ask which, the answer is all... for example the fault in our stars, the divergent trilogy,probably all chetan bhagat movies that have come out and are yet to come... and the basic reason behind it all is that movies