What would be the effects of doing 10,000 push-ups, jumping jacks, and situps daily for a month?

10000 sit ups daily for a month will serverly hurt your back. When you do sit ups and try to lift beyond your shoulder blades off the floor, you are putting a lot of pressure on your lower back and spine. Repating this 10000 times a day for 30 days (assuming you are able to keep up) will severly damage your lower back.

Moreover, if you are not a fairly active person at the moment, doing even 100 pushups and jumping jacks in a day will leave you sore the next day.

Being ethusiastic about working out/increasing your stamina/loosing weight is a good thing. But don't do something stupid. Set realistic goals and have realistic expectations. Don't try to run before you learn to walk.

Is life after divorce good or bad for males?

Whether it is a Male Or Female Divorce life is generally problamatic.In these modern days lot of misunderstandings are developed in the marital life for very silly reasons.Wife will always prefer to go separately and she wants her in laws to be separated, Where as son will support his parents. In thee Modern days in some of

What will happen if I do 200 pushups a day for one year?

I did the Fitness365 challenge for the past 2 years, which although does not require 200 push-ups a day, averages out to 183 per day for the whole year, if doing the push-up version of it (which I did). On January 1, you start with a single push-up

Who would win: Batman or Superman if Superman didn't hold back?

As others have said, Superman wins every time. In fact, essentially every Kryptonian, if they aren't holding back, would win every time. If General Zod, say, truly isn't holding back, then he can vaporize Batman from 10,000 feet away or land in Gotham city with enough