What would be the next dominant species on Earth if humans were to disappear, would this next animal adapt to use our technology or create its own?

Evolution is wonderfully unpredictable. A million years ago, if you were plopped down in Africa and asked which animal would soon become the dominant species, I pretty much guarantee you wouldn't have selected the soft little hominid with the big head and funny gait. So any answer you get is going to be highly speculative.

The reason we became the dominant species on Earth is this:

What time is a good time to get up in the morning? I have class at 9 am and need to have time to go to the gym before class?

YOU are the only one who can answer this question. How long does it take you to get to the gym? How long do you want to be at the gym? How long does it take you to get dressed/brush your teeth/shower if you do this in the morning/eat breakfast/etc.?Now add the time

Can somebody lose weight by eating around 700 calories a day?

It depends on if you're already obese or very overweight, then it's not unhealthy or even dangerous at all.The ones that really need the calories and nutrition are growing babies, kids, and young adults (for brain development, height, etc...) but not really many adults who have already stopped growing (age 25 and up).Very few

What's the best way to get sponsorship for a for-profit company?

The best way to get sponsorship for a for-profit company -1. Make It About the Sponsor, Not About YouOne of the biggest mistakes people make is that they wax rhapsodic about their business, but don't talk how they can benefit their sponsor. Sponsors want you understand their company, marketing campaigns, goals and visions. You can