What would happen if Finland invaded Russia?

Finland just can't invade Russia. Impossible. The whole population there is less than the population of one St.Petersburg. Finnish territory is tiny compared to the majority of Russian regions. The army is very small and defensive rather than offensive. Finland has neither means nor purposes to attack Russia. Peace and friendship are waaaay more profitable for both.

And what happens if Russia invades Finland... well, it happened (Winter War, 1939–1940) and Russia lost, although annexed part of Karelia and the area of Vyborg (Viipuri), which Finns aren't keen to reclaim it.

If Russia decides to attack Finland now, which it won't, it will be a nuclear war, because Finland thinks on joining NATO (it's an ally to NATO members anyway, and member of the EU, EFTA, EDS, etc.). An offense towards any EU member is an offense towards all EU members, same as with NATO.

After WWII, the Finnish Army has been dedicated to defending only so it does not really have any tools to wage invasion against Russia. Russian army is not anymore any people's militia like it was in the Winter War but highly developed & technological high-end army and the amount of equipment & men Russia could throw against Finns would be unbearable.

Finnish army would suffer high casualties and be totally crushed in a few days.

The invasion would get its teeth kicked in and it'll raise Russia's nationalism and more nationalism is the last thing that's needed in this century. But I don't think the Russian's would get far in a counter invasion of Finland. They may have more manpower but the Finns know how to fight in their country.

Where do refugees go in America?

The top destinations for Syrian refugees in the USA are Michigan and California. The next top destinations for refugees are Arizona and Texas. Other popular American destinations for Syrian refugees are Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, and New York. However, several American states have not taken any refugees, possibly under fear that they will pose a security threat.http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline...

Is it weird to be scared of fish?

Yes, Elizabeth , it is weird t be afraid of fish , but it's weird to be afraid if dead birds, too , but I am;)We can't help it, tho. I understand why , but I still don't like them. I was afraid of the chickens my

Have you ever been rude to someone that deserved it?

You betcha. In over 6000 rides, I've kicked 3 people out of my car before the ride ended-and all 3 deserved it.But I would caution that being rude - even when the attitude is warranted - DURING the trip is shooting yourself in the foot. We hear every