What would happen if Hitler was Jewish?

Please, stop writing all this nonsense about Hitler being jewish!!!

Read the biography of Hitler by Ian Kershaw (heis the last biogr. of Hi. 2000pages)

He describes very clearly all his genealogic tree=nobody was jewish there. He also writes about a jewish family from the same town and buried in a close cementery, called Hitler, that were absolutely not related to the dictator. That is the reason of the confusion.

What were your impressions of visiting Argentina?

The people in Buenos Aires are Italians who speak their version of Spanish, think they are Brits living a US life in Paris. They also currently have a screwed up economy and I found them to be on edge about that (as well anyone would be). Nonetheless it is a wonderful place

What's the best marinade for dropbear steaks?

Foster's and marmite, natch.Chowhound user coolbean98 recently conducted a careful, sincere, but admittedly completely unscientific blind taste test of Vegemite and Marmite, finding the Marmite to be more meaty-umami and smoky, with a more rounded flavor than Vegemite, and pleasantly reminiscent of beef bouillon.Marmite and Vegemite: What's the Difference?

What is one of the most disgusting things you've ever seen your kid do?

Thanks for the request!When my daughter was almost 4 years old we rescued a baby cat. She loved it! But she was not very nice with the baby cat because she thought of it as a toy more or less.One delightful morning I wake up, go to the bathroom and while I was peeing