What would happen if Indonesia declared war on Australia?

Why on earth would Indonesia declares war on Australia? Nothing will happen, it will be phony war, we have no capabilities to conduct offensive warfare.

Yes we have bigger manpower reserves, but in order to invade Australia, we will need air and naval superiority. And how could we achieve this ? We only have 3 squadrons of F-16 , 2 squadron of SU-27 and SU-30 (+- 40 aircraft) against around 100 modern aircraft from Royal Australian Air Force (F/A-18 and a couple F-35). So we will not be able to achieve air superiority around Australia.

Naval forces ? We have NO aircraft carriers to protect our invasion forces, meaning that we cant invade anywhere else but Northern Australia, Darwin. then we have to work our way south.

Then we have to establish line of convoys and logistics to support the armies, how could we do that if we cant establish air and naval superiority?

We haven't even consider the UK , ANZUS treaty,etc. We will lose comprehensively in all areas.

So nothing will happen, just some headline news, politician boasting some nationalistic nonsense, threats will be made, and Indonesian netizens posting some funny jokes and meme in the Social Media.

Well actually, look to what is causing wars? If is because tension well Australia allied thinking about to declare wars. If they help Australia with declare wars with Indonesia. Russia, China, North Korea, & Mexico(well if can happen for get southern american state). So the wars will happen like this :

1)WW III could happen

2)NATO will not use nuke to Indonesia, because they can be blame for violation(this can because Indonesia doesn't have nuke to launching for counter attack or for invasion & Nato might consider doing so if the situation is like japan in World War II)

3)Australia have air superiooty

4) Invasion to Indonesia mainland is impossible(remember to Indonesia independent wars)

5)Indonesia army will defeat the Australia army with easy(Indonesia army have great experience in the Guerilla warfare, and that tactic use by vietcong(North Vietnam) to defeat US marine in Vietnam wars)


1)NATO not will help Australia, but consider to use diplomatic way(Depends on the causes of wars)

2)The winner of the war will not be known, because in the win-lose war it's 5/5(remember Napoleon in Napoleonic wars, German Empire in WW I, & Nazi Germany in WW II)

3)The diplomatic way will be number one key in resolve this conflict

4)Wars is bad

5)Sorry for my bad English

They would face considerable displeasure from many interest groups, not the least who would say:

  • The USA - that is our friend an ally, fuck off
  • The UK - that is our ally and member of the Commonwealth, fuck off
  • Japan - that is our stong trading partner and test market for many products, fuck off
  • China - that is our quarry, fuck off
  • Singapore - that is our telecoms revenue cash cow, fuck off
  • Many middle east countries - that is our source of lamb, wheat and camels, fuck off

So, when 3/4 of the worlds economy tells you to fuck off, that is probably what you should do.
Trade between Indonesia and Australia would cease, as well as Australian foreign aid. This would cause big problems for Indonesia, not so much for Australia.
Then nothing would happen for some time. Indonesia cannot "attack" Australia directly. The two countries are separated by the Timor Sea; Indonesia has no capability to project power over the Timor Sea. Australia could easily sink any Indonesian vessel in the Timor Sea, and so the Indonesians have no way of getting to Australia. (The Australian air force massively outguns the Indonesian air force.)
The Indonesians could however attack in two ways:
  • The North West shelf oil platforms are almost impossible to defend. Indonesia could probably take them out, and easily as part of a surprise attack on Australia.
  • They could attack Australian merchant shipping.

If the Indonesians were to attack the NW shelf platforms, Australia would attack economic targets in Indonesia. As Australia would have complete air superiority, it could pretty much bomb whatever it liked.
If Indonesia attacked Australian bound cargo ships, Australia would announce that any Indonesian vessels not in port were now considered targets. Indonesia comprises thousands of islands; eliminate ship and boat travel between the islands and the Indonesian economy ceases to exist.
And all of this assumes that Australia fights alone. If Australia ended up needing friends, they have plenty of very powerful allies. Indonesia has none. It's about as likely as Mexico trying to attack the US.

i have often joked about this.

Indonesians would join the army not to fight but to get a free trip to Australia.

i could fill 2 or 3 jumbo jets of people that have asked me to take them to Australia.

As good as a Indonesia soldier is, the military is just not big enough to take on Australia. even if we didn't fight them. from the closest point in Indonesia to Hobart the furthermost capital city is 3700 klm and that's a straight line

because they would need warungs every few klm. Indonesians don't do anything with out snacks.

Jam Karet the troops would always be late.

it would take 10 years for Indonesian troops to Australia, troops not TNI.

if my joking offends i will delete the answer.

i am joking because this can't be serious question.

china would hardly have the capability to invade Australia, let alone Indonesia.

there is one thing that will stop Indonesia from winning a war


No questions asked , they WILL lose, as well as having to feed 254.5 million people, I doubt that they will have the money to take on Australia. the Aussies have almost double the Indonesian GDP of  $888.6 billion.  ad have to feed a population 10.5 times more than the australians. check out Would it be hard to invade Australia? . this shows the more military side of things, then have a little think yourself.

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