What would happen if USA, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium attack Russia?

Inside Research states that Russia is the most powerful country and spends more than one-fourth of its economic revenue in arms and ammunications.
Geographically it is NOT favourable to attack on Russia due to extreme cold weather.

Food supply to enemy is not done due to travel and as said earlier low temperature will make it diffcult for the enemy to attack on Russia.

...Europe would start to glow in the dark?

On the other hand, this might permanently solve global warming.

What would probably happen is Russia might surrender or get help from neighbouring countries such as china or North Korea but that may not stop the countries cos USA is considered one of the strongest armies in the world along with turkey Germany and France as one of the best navies in the world Italy Netherlands and Belgium have a good army as well

It depends. Russia might surrender. China might join them. Team USA would win in a war, (although it is bothering that U.K. isn't in this- As well as the rest of NATO), but it would most likely just be a horrific, horrific stalemate, a instant victory by nato forces, or a Russian surrender. (Not to mention rebelling across every single nation involved)

What would have happened if OJ had been found guilty?

There were many appealable issues from the trial. The only evidence against OJ was the forensic blood evidence. The LA justice system made a joke out of their mishandling of that evidence, and there were substantial issues of planted evidence, and contamination of blood evidence.Simply put, there

When people visit Hawaii, do they have good experiences?

It entirely depends on the person you are. If you humbly come to Hawai'i with a basic understanding of Aloha and respect, you will be recieved by the locals and the land. If you come here with arrogance and entitlement, you'll quickly be put in check by either someone who lives here or the waves.Hawai'i is filled