What would happen if aliens came to earth to debate?

Most importantly, what will we argue on?

I doubt our political system, LGBT rights, gender equality, or the migrants crisis will pique any interest or concern. Maybe, we choose to argue on religion; both parties [assuming these aliens don't have some magical insight or facts to back themselves up] do no more than speculate in this area.

Every religious belief is as feasible as the next, so why not understand the belief system of creatures that lived and experienced totally different things to people in Earth. What if these aliens had a life span of a mere eleven years, or on the contrary are immortal. The idea of immortality on our planet seems so far-fetched, but in other planets evolution might have progressed so far, that life-spans are longer than the existence of our universe, or damaged cells can be repleshined with minds.

Truly, if these aliens had the capability to travel to our Earth then their technology is most likely to be severely better than ours. On the topic of religion, there would be no winner. But, humans as a species will gather priceless insight to advance the human race.

What would happen if Barack Obama flew to Russia and met with Vladimir Putin tomorrow?

There would be investigations in the House and the Senate. There would be cries of treason and collusion with Russia. The GOP leadership would be aghast that this could occur. There would be calls for posthumous impeachment. And all of this would occur without any sense of irony or hypocrisy.

What are the pros and cons of working in aviation industry?

if u define the term Aviation, then I can answer,.Pilots? Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Flight Dispatcher, Air traffic controller? Airport manager? Airport civil Engineer?Aircraft Insurer? Law maker?Jeppesen - a private company was sole monopoly in making navigation maps and charts. Do U know that? 100% pilots were using those charts.Nowadays, they provide it in soft form to be loaded in

What's your favorite planet or space object in the observable universe?

Like many answers here, Earth is an obvious choice for me, considering how incredibly complex and interesting our planet is in just about every regard. It has large atmosphere with a dynamic climate and weather. It's surface features are wide and varied with tons of interesting geological & tectonic activity