What would happen if aliens send messages to Earth, saying that they are going to attack in 32 years?

Q: What would happen if aliens send messages to Earth, saying that they are going to attack in 32 years?

Ah, morons from outer space! It's not generally a good idea to telegraph ones intention to go to war, no matter how superior ones technology.

Still, if the message were thought to be credible, I suppose our preparations would depend to an extent on their objective: is it conquest or extermination? If it's conquest, we might have a reasonable chance of running a world-wide insurgency with the objective of making the price of victory more than they're willing to pay as in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. On the other hand they want to exterminate humanity, perhaps for some analogue to religious reasons, then we're stuffed since they can just drop some big rocks on us until we're extinct.

I suppose we might launch a lifeboat crammed to the gills with human genetic material, a cultural package and so on, and attempt to hide somewhere in the solar system, but I doubt that'd end well.

I thought surprise was the best form of attack, so they may not be very bright. We need to where are they from as we have no idea how long their year is.

  • If they are from Pluto we would have 7,936 Earth years to prepare, or run away.
  • If they are from Mercury we have less than 8.

then all superpowers on Earth would spend 32 years, where a lot can change, to prepare for the inevitable war with the aliens, and when aliens come, go on the offensive and attack them.

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