What would happen if cars were never invented and everybody rode bikes everywhere?

Probably motorcycles wouldn't hab ve existed without cars. Today's motorcycles have a lot to share with their four-wheeled counterparts (cruise control, chip-controlled engines, digital dashboards, even dual-clutch gearbox). That aside, I know where that question comes from. The answer lies in one of the eastern Asian nations (it was either Thailand or its neighbours). They are planning to restrict motorcycle purchases due to rising pollution. Most of these Eastern Asian nations prefer motorcycles over four-wheelers.

Another way to look at it is who would have cared about motorcycle riders' safety. There was a time when owning a Teo-wheeler made people special. Over time, the number of these people increased. Had there not been cars or bigger vehicles, motorcyclists wouldn't have been special as they are today. Nobody would have looked up to them to be sincere, cautious, and aware of their actions. Roads would not have improved much to cater to different users. Motorcyclists to ay may be endangered, but they may have been extinct in such a future.

Don't want to dream about that. I love motorcycles but still want cars and other vehicles on the road. All I want is everybody should ride a two-wheelers for at least two years before they graduate to a car. I end my rant here.

Thanks for a great question, buddy.

It is likely that the horse and buggy would have been around for much longer.

Street cars and rail transport would have been developed much more aggressively to make up for this shortcoming. Intercity passenger rail would have been also developed even more than before.

Shipping would also likely play a bigger role than it does today (which is already huge) in moving high volumes of goods.

Finally, city design would be different, especially in North America where cities are made for driving rather than walking. Suburban sprawl would not have been possible.

I don't know about trucks but if cars were not there,this would have been a real SUCKER!!. I am just so fascinated with cars though I don't know how to drive one yet. Whenever I think of car, it is just like a box but with wheels on,makes it simply AWESOME!!

Feeling lazy in car?? take back seat then lie or snoore. Your choice man.

Going on a drive?? Listen to songs or do your own concert. Amazing.

I can go on and on ,I mean it is like the best thing to exist.

Nice & interesting question.first of all sale of helmet increase wildly.not every one could travel for long distance with family.

pollution might increase more because a one bike can be used by two persons a rider & pillion.

No one will hangout in colder & afternoon heat heat time.

Dancing car will be a history you cannot have fun in road.

A competion in motogp will increase due to over talents.

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