What would happen if every person on Earth jumped into the ocean at the same time?

I assume you want to know how much the seas will rise as a result. Let's do the math.

  1. We first need to know how many people are jumping in the water. That's easy. There are around 7.6 billion people on Earth right now.
  2. Next we need a need to figure the average mass per person, so we know how much water will be displaced. We may quite a bit in size, but this is one of those questions for which a rough estimate will work. The average adult male is around 75 kg. The average adult woman is around 50 kg. Figure children at 25 kg. World population is roughly 1/3 adult males, 1/3 adult females, and 1/3 kids, so we can pretty safely use 50 kg as a rough estimate for the average human mass.
  3. Now that we have mass, we need average volume per person. Here, we get lucky. The average human is 985 kg/m^3. That's just a bit less dense than water. For our purposes, we can round up a bit and and use 1000 kg/m^3. Our 50 kg person has a volume of 50 liters.
  4. Now we need the volume of all of those people together. 7.6 billion people x 50 l per person is 380 billion liters. That works out to about .4 cubic kilometers if everyone is packed solid.
  5. Next comes figuring the total volume of the ocean. The consensus estimate is that the oceans contain 1.37 billion cubic kilometers.

Tossing an extra .4 cubic kilometers into something with a volume of 1.37 billion cubic kilometers would be less than noticeable. To put things into a more easily understood perspective, it would be like taking a raisin, cutting it in half, and tossing it into an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

So the great All-Human Dive might be fun, but it isn't having any kind of effect on the oceans.

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