What would happen if every single human on earth fell asleep for the next month?

We would all die, our pets would all die (larger dogs might live a bit longer, since they can drink from the toilet), a very large proportion of livestock (all penned livestock) would die, all zoo animals would die, infrastructure would collapse, snow would fill all the roads if it happened in winter and lawns would look shaggy if in summer. Most dams would go out of control. All nuclear power plants would run out of control.

It would look a lot like a Planet of the Apes scene in a very short time.
How to learn how to use the gym equipment

Hello there!Here you have to look out the factor that the exercises you perform in the gym should be resemblance of day-to-day activities. This will help you perform daily chores easy and fast motion.Despite having a different gender, every person is same anatomically. The exercises performed by male should also be same

What are the best times to eat protein?

The best time is within 30 minutes following your workout if you do workout. Have a protein rich breakfast always which will fuel the body for the day. Have protein in every meal if you are on weight loss-muscle gain program. It helps in repairing all the daily wear and tear that our body goes through.Some facts

Which app would help me to start running to exercise?

If you're looking for an interesting way to remain motivated to START running, then I'll recommend looking at the