What would happen if everyone quit their job and became self-employed? Who would have the hardest time finding work? The easiest?

I'm only an entrepreneur, not an economist- but my first thought is that civilization would be reduced to subsistence. I believe Aristotle said "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".

A quick internet search told me that car companies sell as many as 42 cars per worker per year. Could you make even 2 cars per year alone in your garage? Even if you purchased all the pieces from other entrepreneurs? Are you willing to do without a car, or pay the high price that would result?

My husband and I started farming 32 years ago, just the two of us (is that allowed in this scenario, or was I his employee? Lol). Our family (our 2 sons now own the farm with us) now produces 15 times as much with only 5 added employees. I understand the feeling that farms should be as they were in ""the good ole days": one family living off the sweat of their brow. However, I enjoy the specialization that is allowed by a group of people working together. I can be responsible for record keeping, while being available to assist with farm or cattle work in a pinch. Also, we take turns caring for the cattle on weekends so that no one has to always work 7 days a week.

To your final questions: long term employed people, of inestimable value in this economy, might find themselves in a difficult place requiring a total change of mindset - no steady paycheck will be available. Those people used to surviving on their own, from high level of income to low, would not notice as much of a change. Please note: I do NOT mean to disparage employees, or overvalue self sufficiency!!!

People would be employed according to their actual usefulness to society ; those with skills people want would be fine.

The losers would be those in bureaucratic jobs that are only necessary because of other pointless bureaucratic edicts (it's a rent seeking shell game) that infest the public sector. For every teacher, doctor, nurse, police officer etc. there's two people who make no positive contribution whatsoever.

Do many people care what people think?

Most people generally care somewhat what other people think. This is because we humans have an innate desire to want to belong in a group, so we may change our own perspectives and/or views to align with the group that we

As a senior data scientist, what do junior data scientists do that drives you crazy?

I would have loved to answer this question in detail however in my many years experience working in data science, I have not met a junior data scientist in the commercial industry. To be honest, I don't think I have seen a genuine job advertisement for