What would happen if software companies like Microsoft or Apple released their code bases?

If Microsoft released its codebase, its profits would fall almost overnight. Almost all of its profitability comes from Office + business software, Windows and server software (Where Microsoft's Profits Come From), with its hardware and entertainment divisions actually losing money. It's unlikely that most organizations would buy official support for Microsoft products, and without any remaining reason to pay those licenses, the corporation would shrivel up and die.

Apple is another matter. Its revenues largely come from iPhone, iPad and Mac laptops. Furthermore, its operating systems are, in part, based on the open source Darwin; see Apple's Open Source Release page for a list of tools they already release. Apple also leads The WebKit Open Source Project, which is the open source browser engine behind Safari, Chrome, Opera and others.

Generally, if it's supported by the business model and the project is run in an efficient but opinionated way, open sourcing an application will improve its quality and security over time. It can also lower development and testing costs in some cases.
Competitors and patent trolls will inspect all the code, hunt down violations, and attack.
What is the worst customer service you've ever received?

No Answer yet?Welp, there I was in the heart of Honolulu, Hawaii. Running out of gas and in search of a station. At the time, I did not have a GPS, phone, or anything that could have helped me out of that situation.Filled up

Why do you think that most people are selfish?

Because it's obvious, selfishness is a virtue that is deeply embedded in us from the very beginning.Earlier, life worked on only one theory: Survival of the fittest. And from that day we have retained several qualities because of that survival instinct we used to had.Still, we are fighting everyday, working everyday to live a

What are some good anime/manga that you have seen?

i'd give you a list to what i have seen. 10/10 are the best ones (my definition for "best" would be that is something "different" or unique ) I'll include the popular ones too. you can go with the ranking system. Some