What would happen if someone with no hands needed to give a sperm sample?

I imagine one could use one of the way of collecting semen from animals.

How to have bigger thighs and buttocks

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How fast are the professional footballers?

There is a great documentary on YouTube specifically about Cristiano Ronaldo. In this documentary, several well known sports scientists analyze certain parts of Cristiano Ronaldo's body to help understand why is he such an amazing athlete.I would advised watching the video as it is very informative and interesting.For one of the

A straight up fight (no weapons) happens between the top enlisted personnel for the US Army, US Navy, US Airforce, US Coastguard and the US Marines in a wide open flat field, who wins and why?

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey of the United States Army. Why? Because he's INFANTRY.Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps is artillery. POG. Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force is a dental assistant. POG.Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is a weapons tech turned