What would happen if we didn't have leap years?

What would happen is that every four years the calendar would fall one day further behind the actual position of the earth's orbit around the sun. Keep it up, and the dates of the solstices and equinoxes would, eventually, shift to the point where  summer would be in December and winter would be in July. Originally, calendars were regularly corrected against astronomical events, but that pretty much stopped around 300 AD, and the calendar started to slip. Julius Caesar introduced the leap day, and leap minutes and seconds have been added since then to keep things in line.
Whats the most nauseating thing you've ever seen?

You asked.This is literally disgusting- i.e. out of the stomach.This is Zippy.

What is the real truth of life?

People. Friends, acquaintances everyone-Most of them will be with you as long as you make them smile/laugh.Today are more concerned with things with that give them short term happiness. Real deep meaningful conversions are very rare these days.Hardly anyone sticks with you in your lows. No one has time

What are the 7 shocking secrets?

Who are the people behind the missing files of the coal scam?What happened to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose?How Shastriji died in Tashkent?