What would happen if we discovered alien technology on Earth?

Q: What would happen if we discovered alien technology on Earth?

Depends where the technology was discovered, and what the technology was and did, and if we could reverse engineer it.

Imagine a state of the art 2016 personal computer somehow appeared in the 1900s. Could the cream of 1900s scientific community reverse engineer it sufficiently to build a replica? I very much doubt it, not because 1900s humans were significantly less intelligent than we are, but simply because they don't have the benefit of our experience and theoretical base. I'd guess we'd be in much the same position as regards some alien super-tech.

I guess the best place the tech could appear is in the United Nations building, especially, if it's a something like a pocket sized fusion generator with a > 2TW capacity.

There'd be a political shit-storm about how the spoils are divided up worldwide!

But what if it was an easily reverse engineered personal shield that renders the person wearing it totally invulnerable to anything up to a medium sized nuclear weapon. That'd wouldn't be good, no matter which government got its hands on it.

Several possibilities:

  1. Kept for government secret use to develop weapons, or other classified projects
  2. Some billionaire phlangtralist pours his fortune to research the tech to either benift mankind or benifit himself, or bothered
  3. It gets used as new tech researched by man and we don't even realize it
  4. The tech was purposely meant for a particular person to find and when found turns into blue beetle:

When you say "we discover" I am assuming you mean the general public. Because I am very sure that the military and governments of more than one country are presently enjoying an advantage, which began about 70 years ago, by using alien technology. Whether they recovered it from a crash (my theory) or it was given to them by way of a bargain (other theories) I can not say for sure. They keep this secret, probably under pain of death. So, if we discovered it, I would hope that we are able to form a membership site based on one friend who swears by another, so that we keep out the quislings and government moles as much as possible, and announce our findings only when it is in working condition and deployed. Will we do this? We could, if citizens elect to form this group rather than running to the police or military every time they find a crash site. I hope so.

Well it greatly depends on "what" alien technology is discovered and "how" we discover it...

For example, if we found an alien communication system buried deep in the Sub-Saharan desert, it would most probably be suppressed from General public and will be moved to unidentified location in order to prevent panic and public unrest...

If we found an alien drone live in some crowded place then it would trigger a global scenario of fear among public and massive preventive actions from the authorities, conspiracy theories will emerge in numbers resulting in more fear among the people...

In short, it is totally a subjective hypothesis which could result in a number of outcomes depending upon the nature and order of events that follow...

Hi Florian, firstly that would presuppose that the small cabal who currently with-holds all information and truth about ETs and UFOs actually relents and allows humanity to assess discovered ET technology.
The first civilian investigator at Roswell has been ever since the crash trying to push the Airforce to release the truth. There are many Disclosure groups trying to push authorities to release the truth. The only positive information I can offer you is to read the published experiences of contactees. Their information is very interesting.
Until we acknowledge that ETs are harmless and then invite them into our planetary life, I'm afraid that's as close as we can come to them.
Cheers, Mike

Well first and foremost we wouldn't necessarily recognize it as alien...or technology. Without knowing how to turn it on or detect what it does, it might seem like artwork from some extinct culture. And even if we know that it is technology and more advanced technology than we could make...well Atlantis isn't a much less likely explanation than alien litterbugs. Precisely what would happen apart from scientists standing around it looking mystified depends on the circumstances of discovery, what it does if it works at all, and how hard it is to reverse engineer.

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