What would happen if we faced another Great Depression in the world?

It did happen, in 2008. It just wasn't called a "depression", for the same reason "The Depression" wasn't called a "panic", the previous term for a drying up of credit, loss of jobs, and writing off of bad debts. Unemployment, in actual terms (not adjusted statistics) was actually higher in 2008, in part from a much greater number of retired persons in 2008 than 1929.

If the Great Depression happened again, we would call it a "recession," and then the government would hand out about two trillions to the institutions that were responsible for it, claiming they were "too big to fail." Then those institutions could start tooling up for the next boom/bust/money grab. As for the taxpayers who found themselves in dire straits, they would go straight under the bus. I can state this with some conviction because the so-called "Recession" of 2008 was actually worse than the Great Depression, and that's what happened.

When/How do I visit Europe with a budget?

The main plan involves backpacking/couch surfing and buying a Eurorail pass to get around. The other thing is to plan your trip around free activities. In some places tickets are expensive, others, like London Museums and galleries are free, while of course walking around the streets only cost you some shoe leather.

What was invented in Panama?

NOT Panama (toquila straw) hats - which of Ecuadorian origin and are usually imported from Ecuador for sale in Panama, although they are now manufactured worldwide.Rather, the Canal is Panama's greatest claim to fame. The isthmus of Panama has, in

Have you ever lived in a house you believe to be haunted?

I think this house i live in now is haunted. Strange noises are always there. Bad vibrations and in some rooms you can't meditate or focus or do any energy work at all. Also when i am on the first floor and when I go