What would happen to the World Wide Web if humans suddenly disappeared from Earth?

In the very first moment, the only unusual thing would be lack of any human-generated "movement" in the Web. No tweets, no new posts on Facebook.

Then, this is how I see it:

  1. Within hours great improvement in bandwidth would be noticeable. Power plants that use coal (or other fuel that is being burned) wouldn't produce power anymore, so probably alternative power sources would be automaticly activated (coal power plants produce more or less 40% of electricity). If a building where the server is placed has no emergency power supply, the hosted site would go down.
  2. Within a few days backup accumulators in nuclear power plants would would be out of power. Control rods would automatically fall into reactor to stop the reaction. No more nuclear power. Next sites goes down, as some regions are stripped of electricity. Meanwhile, emergency power supply also goes down, due to empty batteries. Next servers are disconnected from the World Wide Web.
  3. Within a few weeks all power sources that reqire engineers to operate does not produce energy. Majority of cities and towns are simply out of power. And no power means no internet.

However there are still solar panels. Assuming that someone has a website hosted at home, which is running on electricity from solars placed somewhere on his roof, this website would be still operational.

So concluding, in this case World Wide Web is like a man left on a desert - it will die when it runs out of water. With this difference that some scraps of it could survive, and exist separately.

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