What would have happened if Hitler declared victory in Europe, and did not attack Britain?

What if Hitler claimed a victory in Europe, was satisfied with his gains, and had not attacked Britain?

This scenario assumes Hitler did not want to attack Britain. He purely wanted to have peace with Britain, did not consider the country a threat, and focused all his resources on the East.


Following defeat in Norway, Chamberlain resigns, and the King calls Churchill.


France is overrun by the German Blitzkrieg.

Fortification by Tod immediately begins on the western front, two years earlier than in our timeline, since Hitler does not wish to invade Britain.

Troops are concentrated in the east, in preparation for the invasion of Russia.

Hitler makes peace offers to Britain. Churchill exploits this in his speeches, and fights a long rhetorical battle to keep the British motivated to save France.

Hitler demands that Vichy France temper it's anglophobia. As an authoritarian Regime, however, Vichy France needs someone to blame for the problems that afflict the nation. They persecute communists, Jews, Masons, and other ethnicities more intensely. Many more thousands of them are sent to the Camps. Drancy is transformed from a transitory camp into a real concentration camp.

It was Britain that declared war on the Nazis, not the other way round.

Britain had accommodated Hitler's aggression (see history on Chamberlain's appeasement) in Europe up to a point.

However, Britain warned Hitler that if he attacked Poland, it would declare war.

Hitler did attack Poland, so war it was.

At that point, Hitler no longer had the choice to declare victory and leave Britain alone.

He was at war with Britain as soon as he did not meet the deadline given to him for withdrawal from Poland. Any victory in Europe declaration by him would have been hollow as the British began daily bomber attacks against ports and factories in Germany and tightened the blockade at Sea.

What is the one thing you wish you could remember but can't?

I wish I could forget to forget things!! My mind is one of those that travels at a thousand miles a minute and yet my ability to multitask is poor. So I'm always thinking of doing multiple things and usually forget to pick something up that

Have you ever killed someone to save your life?

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Would an Arab Muslim find it easier to befriend a Christian Arab or a non-Arab Muslim?

It depends on how dedicated to Islam they are, and how knowledgeable about it they are. Just like there are backsliders and uninformed adherents in Christianity, there are also less committed Muslims and those less knowledgeable about Islam.The Holy Book in Islam is the Quran, which forbids Muslims from taking