What would have happened if IITs never existed in India?

Any coin has two sides to it.

So, had there been no IITs in India there would have been two schools of ‘reactions' to it too :-

# The Happy/Good Things :-

  1. A lot of innocent playful ‘childhoods' would have been spared & not converted into living hell that they are now. I mean JEE preparation from class 6! Really? ... For god's sake - please let the children live!
  2. Romance would have flourished. With high schools getting over - life would have been fun with all the indulgences - bikes, friends, girlfriend (s), drinks, party... all the fun. ;)
  3. Proper all round development of a well rounded personality of our youth. Not just as book worms but as adults who would be able to face life. Solve not just textbook but life problems too.
  4. No needless social comparison with neighbours & relatives - making life hell for both parents & kids. No suicides.
  5. A lot of other talents would have flourished. Engineering preparation has killed so many other talents like humanities, psychology, arts & painting, dancing, photography, sports, writing, etc. Budding talents in these fields have been gainlessly sacrificed at the alters of JEE just because the parents wanted so (out of herd mentality.) So very sad.
  6. On a lighter note - all the ‘non-IITians' would be much happier now! :P
  7. The blood sucking coaching institutes ( read industries) would not have thrived. Your parents would not have had to bleed money through their nose to pay for tuitions & donations.
  8. Everybody could have lived a peaceful , easy life - you, your parents, the youth, the nation - everybody... with no rat race.


# The Sad/Bad Things :-

  1. Had there been no IITs - a lot of amazing brains /talents would have been gone unidentified, not properly guided/channelized & ultimately wasted. Thank the IITs & their Profs for finding & polishing the gems.
  2. India would have not become the knowledge & human resource superpower that it is today. A leader in IT, providing CEOs world over, a rocket leader with ISRO's splendid successes. (Note: I am not saying that IITians are doing all the above. The point is Nehru's technological revolution vision, of which IITs were the cornerstone - led to all above indirectly - creating a mammoth force of engineers & other technically skilled human capital that created all above as spin-offs.)
  3. IITs have kept several geniuses sane. Seriously! Most IITians, at least in my experience, are a misfit for the society. They are different from their classmates, neighbours, etc. When your mind is crazy (smart) like that you seem mad to most people. IITs serve as asylums for such geniuses - where they feel at home & really enjoy each other's company!
  4. Crazy innovative ideas are born here. IITs are truly the fountainhead of most of the innovations, patents, R&D breakthroughs & other off-beat (Jugaad type) inventions that happen in India. The unthinkable is made a reality. Lots of technological advancement happens here - which are very critical - for Indian economy as a nation & as a large, developing, superstitious society.
  5. IITs play a major role (though not publicized in media) in corporate consultancy & social welfare (by providing suitable grassroot , agri friendly innovations & even refining the existing ones.)
  6. The IIT race keeps us all running, moving - and in the end we all end up moving significantly ahead - the youth are smarter (unlike some western countries where they need calculators to do double digit additions!), the parents push you towards a good career, culture of education flourishes, the human resource improves, the nation as a whole progresses. Without the IIT race every thing would have been easy, peaceful & stagnant.


The bottom line :-

India needs IITs. For its future; to be a leader of tomorrow - the world of technology. It is, in fact, one of the few good things that India is known for in the world arena.

But the question is - Do YOU need IIT?

IIT, or preparing for it - is not responsible for the evils like loss of childhood or other talents (as seen above). The ill stems when parents force their children into doing so - against children's will; against their inherent aptitudes & talents.

IITs teach you to swim (in the sea of technology). Come here if you want to be a great swimmer.

However, it is up to you to choose first - do YOU want to swim ... or do you want to fly - your own course?


PS: Long live IITs. :)

This answer has some pleasant and unpleasant truth to disclose.

  1. Firstly, existence of IIT has its own pride on its own way. For instance He is well a known personality he is the chief minister of New Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal who passed out from IIT. I personally believe he is one of the best politician in the country. He has the potential to administrate the country in future . He precisley knows what our nation wants, where we are lagging, what are the remedy to fix the problem.
  2. CEO's of top multi national companies are from IIT.
  3. Many students who has contributed their knowledge to the society for the goodness and economical rise for the country.

We have only came across peoples who shone their names in the sky who became successful. there are People who passed out from IIT still are struggling to build steady career to them.kids from 8th grade or 9th grade are mentally force to secure a seat in IIT in the future (complete selfishness of parents).students who are in schooling level are taking medication because of mental stress and lack of sleep(IIT preparation).

Parents! people around you are loaded i understand you want to see your children's future secure. Trust me! IIT has nothing to build a secure future for me. I know you aspire your son/daughter to be an IIT'ian. But 'ian one day but! is not my thing i can't do it. Rather allow your children to explore lot of things find what they loves the most, once you figure out what you like to do the most parallely find if their are any ways to follow it up as your career. with the help of professional guidance you will achieve the milestone one day.

Varun Agarwal, he is a drop out engineer. yet he does something which reflects IIT not only gives immense knowledge on about everything he likes the most and make you capable of earning in lakhs rather it also helps you find your passion. he is doing that as his profession and we all know what he is now.

At the end of day

Doing what you love matters


The current condition is not very different from IITs being non-existent. There are only 7 fully functional proper IITs. Rest all fantasy IITs (as in Fantasy Football) setup by Arjun Singh, Zero Loss Sibbal and Prakash clueless Jawadekar.

7 reasonably okay engineering colleges for a population of 1.2 Billion is as good as a drop in ocean. It is nearly same as not having any IITs.

A lot of students rely on benevolence of United States, United Kingdom and Australia to get themselves reasonably quality higher education. In the total absence of IITs this trend would have become faster.

Nothing would change.

Parents and the coaching institutes will find some other brand of engineering college to get hung up on. Maybe the NITs.

Students will still be sent to Kota or other retarded coaching institutes.

Sharmaji ka ladka comparison would still exist.

As a society India can't change just because IIT's don't exist.

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