What would have happened if agriculture hadn't been invented?

Obviously mankind would probably not have survived. There are not enough wild animals to provide for food. And the domestic animals need vegetation to eat.

Take the South for example: farmers grow corn not only for their own consumption, but also, to feed the hogs. Then the farmers eat the ham and bacon, hopefully with fried eggs (:

Notice in Genesis God made the plants before the animals so the animals could eat.

AGRICULTURE MADE AN ANIMAL HUMAN. With agriculture started setteled life which developed association of people, Hamlets, villages and human society. Agriculture is co evolution of selected plants ( our food and other crops) and human beings.

How much water goes below deck on old wooden sailing ships?

Wooden ships always leaked to one degree or other. Normally the water would mostly leak into the bilge. This is the space under the orlop deck (the lowest deck in the ship, but above the keel and bottom of the ship. It would then be removed

What is the one thing you wish you never had?

Major Depressive Disorder. It's steadily helped me ruin most of my life. I've had that and some sort of anxiety disorder since I was really small. They don't pair well; much like a jug of red wine and a Big Mac, they cause bad decision making