What would it be like humans invading an alien planet?

We're going to be finding that out real soon, just stay tuned.  Why else would we suddenly have UFOs swarming over the planet in the last 50 years, if not for the simple reason that they may now think we could pose a threat in some imminent future?   I hope we don't treat the natives of that planet the same way we did the indigenous peoples of North and South America.  And I hope we don't feel the need to commit genocide on them, like the biblical patriarchs did. And we don't destroy their history, libraries, culture, etc. as we have done for every civilization that did not agree with our established ways.  If paybacks were he*l, we would be due for some serious things to happen to us, if they invaded us instead.

Would get wiped out.  Killing for conquest, revenge, etc. is God-mocking and highly blasphemous.  To do that you must purposely tune in to evil then translate that in the form of action or intended action.  To them, it's a demonic prayer that you are trying to throw at them.

That type of energy is detectable and can be easily interrupted.   Normal humans would never get past the intent to harm phase before getting interrupted.  They would just freeze in place or fall down, unable to translate those thoughts into any threatening action.

Much like the movie of Starship Troopers:

How to prepare eggnog,I really need to check variety of recipes

This is the recipe I've used the last two years (from The Chunky Chef ):5 MINUTE HOMEMADE BLENDER EGGNOGposted DECEMBER 4, 2016 by THE CHUNKY CHEF44 COMMENTS ┬╗JUMP TO RECIPE PRINT RECIPEThis light and deliciously creamy homemade eggnog can be made

What are the best foods to eat while on chemotherapy?

Cancer cell divide quickly in comparison to healthy cell and chemotherapy drugs target cancer cell instantly which lead to damage another healthy or fast growing cell.Proper nutrition is most important during any cancer treatment. Specially during chemotherapy treatment which reflects several nutrition deficiencies that leads to the recovery process. Chemotherapy drugs directly affects cells in the