What would prevent a man from filing for a divorce especially after it has been years since initial separation and he has been in a serious relationship for a year with someone else?

There's the "losing half your stuff" part.

The potentially having to pay spousal support part (depending on each state's laws), which he may not have to do during an unofficial separation.

Then there's just the legal minefield of divorce, and since he has moved on in every other way, maybe he is just not wanting to deal with that one. (My actual divorce took only a year total... but the larger process took 6 and a half years, and a big part of it was this - even though I was the one who asked for the divorce, there was just this big "ugh, don't want to deal with the government!" ominous feeling).

And then there's the stigma, real or imagined: you failed at one of the biggest things there is in life. The actual divorce paperwork is an evidence and proclamation of that failure. Subconsciously, maybe he isn't ready to accept that, even if at the conscious level he has moved on to new love and relationship.

Can people really hate themselves?

It has been my experience that the answer to this question is an unequivocal YES.If you ask them they will deny it (and usually attack you in some way as they can often perceive the question as a very personal attack). The negative feelings a person

My boyfriend tells me to grow out my hair and compares me to others. Now he's picky about what I eat. Is this headed into an abusive relationship?

He's a Control Freak! Move On with Your Life! I was in an abusive marriage (many moons ago). I met him when I was on tour. He was fun and silly and all things nice. Fat forward a few years later. He became someone I didn't know & I didn't want to know. He

What is needed to do when my cousin and his family is forcing his wife (my sister-in-law) for divorce as he is having an extramarital affair?

Simply support Ur sister in law and be friendly ,dont shout ask what is happened and why she fall in love with another boy if she is already married.And simply talk to Ur sister in law family and divert him by saying positive.Actually i