What would the discovery of aliens do to mankind?

Two generations ago, NASA asked the Brookings Institute to study peaceful uses of space exploration. Their report postulated on the public's reaction if NASA found evidence of extraterrestrial life, like artifacts left on the moon, or even a face-to-face meeting with the aliens. Fearing large-scale panic, the Report suggested the government withhold that information from the public.

At this point in time, I doubt the government's position has changed from the one the Brookings Institute recommended.

That would depend on where you hail from. People who are starving probably wouldn't give a rat's ass. People who work in NASA and national security might have sleepless nights. People who always have God on their minds will hail it as divine proof of his power and omnipresence. People who lack belief in God might be busy laughing at the reactions of those who do.

If the aliens discovered are long dead, it'll turn into an academic curiosity. The study topic of the millennium. Our comedians will have a field day. If they are alive, within hailing distance and look like they're about to have us for supper, we'd all be running in panic.

Hope that answers the question.

Hopefully start to realise that human life is no longer about who wants to cross who's borders and we need better weapons than the over there, but start thinking were a little planet in a huge universe of who knows how many others, so isn't it about time we realised that we all belong to this planet not some country surrounded in an imaginary line that some politician decided we should call home, and start trying to live together and look after each other in peace.

In short, a lot.

The reaons is because it would show that we are not alone in our universe. It would show that there is something beyond what we would think about.

Think about this. You would be sitting in your house and on the news, the statement that Aliens were real. how would you react? I woudl freak out. I would want to know everything I could about them and what they are up to. I would want to know what they knew. I would try and talk to them as soon as possible. Humanity would go nuts over them.

The question that comes from this is would contact with an Alien Species be a good thing or not?

I think, we willl be happy that we are not alone in this universe. If they are sophisticated than us, they might dominate us. We might learn more about the cosmos and start collaborating each other for better prospects.

If the Sun emitted no light, how much closer to it would Earth be?

The light from the sun is not what's keeping Earth away, so if the sun were to

If the Earth is invaded by alien intelligent species for real, how would this affect Christians' faith?

Well if you count the misanthropic and rebellious metaphysical entities identified in the Biblical record (i.e. the disloyal ben Elohim), who by the way MASQUERADE as angels-of-light and even aliens (See 2 Corinthians 11:14), then they've already invaded Earth 103 years

Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, what was role of India and Pakistan in that?

Pakistan's Role:Pakistan position during the war was very clear to support the Mujahideen against Afghanistan government, which was backed by the Soviets.Pakistan trained and equipped the Mujahideen with American armaments through the military aid from the United States.India's Role:India officially recognised the Afghan government